Greengate Management was founded on the core beliefs of
integrity, professionalism, and hard work.
We strive to provide residents with individual attention and care to make them feel appreciated.

Our Renter Centric attitude creates an environment where tenants enjoy living 
and eagerly refer their communities which creates consistent profits for owners.

Our Goal is to consistently exceed our clients expectations
when it comes to the level of service, response time and constant transparent communication.

Our clients can count on open access,
accurate financials and an unparalleled level of service.

From the executive levels of management to property level staff,
we will provide what you have been looking for in a management company.

How Can Greengate Help you?

Greengate management combines 20 years of local real estate expertise to create a perfect synergy.

Greengate is a focused strategic implementation of upgraded management and technology.

Greengate creates a Renter Centric environment providing long-term income stability and profit efficiencies for ownership.

Greengate Management combines over 20 years of local real estate expertise to create the perfect synergy focused on using strategic implementations of an upgraded management approach and technology to create a ‘rentercentric’ environment that provides long-term stability and efficiencies for ownership.   

Our value-add focus is always at work identifying and realizing opportunities for our clients growth.

We strive to capture value to create and manage highly efficient stabilized assets on their behalf .


An efficient well-managed property yields a much higher return for its owners.


As a property owner, it’s important that
we understand the basics of community associations and rentals,
and that we answer your questions quickly and accurately.

Our goal at Greengate Management is simple:

We provide exceptional service so as an owner, you never are bothered
by day-to-day operations of your residential properties.


Sam’s real estate career began in 2008 when he founded S and N Property Preservation.


Between 2008 and 2012 Sam and his team focused on servicing distressed residential family assets. After successfully growing the company to service over 200 homes weekly, Sam began the next stage of his real estate career.

In 2012 Sam joined BDMG, a real estate firm focusing on stabilizing distressed multifamily assets, as COO.

Over the past 7 years, Sam has directly overseen the day to day operations in turning distressed and under performing assets into well run and profitable sites. 

Under Sam’s watch, BDMG has grown from 872 units to over 4800 units.  Throughout his time at BDMG, Sam has developed a reputation for his ability to consistently complete large scale capital expense projects on time and under budget.


Using his unique ability to connect with every member of a property’s team from leasing agent to manager, Sam has been a key component of re-stabilizing many distressed properties in the greater Baltimore and Virginia area.


Rena Myers began her career in property management 8 years ago, when she joined BDMG Management as their executive office manager.

Rena was quickly promoted to a portfolio property manager role, where excellent customer service skills, follow through and ability to multi-task allowed her to further her real estate career.

Prior to her departure from BDMG, Rena took a more active role in the accounting, and company wide operations- setting the company-wide tone for managing BDMG’s growing portfolio and on-boarding new team members.

Rena’s expanded role included managing inspections and portfolio-wide site audits. Greengate Management was fortunate to have Rena join the team during the company’s inception, and looks forward to benefiting from her years’ worth of successful experience and leadership.